Who We Are

We are a simple church community living everyday life with gospel intentionality.

Rather than defining ourselves by a ‘church meeting’ or building we attend on a day each week, we live as the Church following Jesus wherever we are.

As a community, we want to keep free from the performance-oriented, surface-only religious lifestyle. We believe Church is not an event or performance to attend, but a community living everyday lives with Gospel intentionality.

We don’t go to church, we are the Church. (1 Peter 2:9)

We are a Family

For us church is more than a two hour weekly get together. The people within our Christian community are members of our extended family.  By living life as family, we commit to loving one another, looking out for and helping out one another, discipling one another, resolving conflict between each other and learning from each other. This isn’t about filling up our diaries with more ‘stuff’. It is about living ordinary lives together; shopping together, looking after the kids together, hanging out together, exercising together, doing the washing up or fixing the car together. We involve each other in the big decisions that we make in life, like what jobs to take, where to live, how to spend our money and where to put our energy. We do this in the light of the community and the watching world, calling people to come and join us.

We are shaped by the Gospel

God’s Word is central to our life. We will not live life like we always have just because that’s how its’ always been. We will continually look to and reflect on on God’s Word and allow Him to shape our lives. We will do this by reflecting, interacting with the bible and seeking the Spirit in the context of community.

We are a people living with Gospel Intentionality

Following Jesus and living with Gospel intentionality does not just take a portion of our life, it consumes the whole of our lives; wherever we are and whatever we are doing, no matter how ordinary. We will encourage, challenge and equip each other to be humble, generous, servant-hearted, risk-taking and flexible because the Gospel has priority over our comfort, preferences, security and traditions.

We are a Missional Community

In the true sense of being a missional community, we want people to be introduced to and experience Jesus through the life of the community and not by a particular event. It is in this community context that all of ministry takes place.

We are a people who believe Love Wins

We are an inclusive bunch of people. We welcome all those who join us as part of the family. We will be a community that is radically and unbiasedly loving, forgiving and full of grace.

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