How We Live

We want to be communities that consistently live what we believe.

It’s clear from the New Testament that the earliest followers of Jesus didn’t simply pass along a set of beliefs. They also offered a new way to live. In Acts 9.2, followers of Jesus were defined as people of ‘the Way’.

These rhythms flow out of our identity, and serve as co-ordinates for a way of life that best helps us live in and share the Kingdom of God.

We invite everyone in the Sublime Church community to participate in these rhythms, and to enjoy the new kind of life that they bring.

Loving one another

We intentionally, radically and unbiasedly love one another and the people around us.
Jesus says that if we love one another just as He has loved us, all people will know that we are His disciples. We decide to do our best to love one another like Jesus loves us.
(John 3.17; 13.34-35; 15.13;1 Corinthians 13.4-8a)

Blessing others

We bless others through words, gifts or actions; We seek out injustice, pursue reconciliation, welcome the marginalised and serve people.
God desires that all people would be blessed through Jesus, and as the body of Christ, we live out this mission as we bless others.
We bless those around us by extending God’s love through intentional deeds of kindness, geneorousity and energy.
(Genesis 12.1-3; Ephesians 1.22-23; 2.8-10; 1 Peter 2.12)

Celebration Feasts

Eating and drinking is a daily reminder of our basic and common needs that God in his faithfulness provides for us.
It is through a meal that Jesus called us to remember Him and His sacrifice for us. Christians since Jesus’ time have gathered around a table to break bread and share together remembering and retelling the stories of Him.
We will regularly open up our tables to each other and with others we don’t normally spend time with (those outside our immediate family or circle of close friends) showing the hospitality of Christ to those around us and to celebrate, remember and share the stories of  Jesus and the life that He has given us.
(Leviticus 23; Matthew 6.11; 26.17-30; Acts 2.46-47; Romans 12.13; Hebrews 13.2)

Pray and Listen

Jesus listened to the Father to know His will and gather the co-ordinates for His mission.  We recognise prayer as a missional activity. It is Jesus who is the head of the Church and the director of the missional activity that we are part of. As a community we will pray and listen to God daily and regularly.
We listen to God through prayer, reading of the Gospel and by the Spirit who speaks and participates in our daily lives.
(Mark 1.35; Matthew 6.5-14; Luke 22.39-42; John 16.7-15; Hebrews 1.1-3)

Walking Together

We invite others to walk with us in life.
On a regular basis, we invite 2 or 3 others into how we’re really doing. We are honest, open and vulnerable, with the good and the bad. We join others in their journeys and walk in life together.
Life was never meant to be lived in isolation. We believe that being in community with others reveals things about God and ourselves that we could never discover in isolation.
(Eccles. 4.9-12; Matthew 18.20; 1 Timothy 5.19; Hebrews 10.24-25)

Calling others to follow Jesus

We are all participants in Gospel ministry. We will live out Jesus’ commission to go into all the world making disciples, baptising them, teaching and equipping them to live out all that Jesus commanded. We are a sending community, not holding on to people to look inward, but commissioning and sending people out to the neighbourhoods, cities and nations to live a life calling others to follow Jesus. The best part is that Jesus promises that He is with us, to the end of time and all of His authority has been given to us to fulfill this commission.
(Matthew 28.18-20; Ephesians 4.11-16; 1 Peter 2.9)

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